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Modern Spellcaster's Tarot. Melanie Marquis. From the Publisher Cards from the Tarot de la Nuit.

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Please try again later. Format: Cards Verified Purchase. Didn't really resonate with this deck, and beyond the major arcana cards the deck really isn't that great. Doesn't really incorporate the symbolism of the original Rider Waite, the elements, or the zodiac signs. Not a good deck if you're trying to learn the tarot as the pictures on the cards don't relate at all to what they're labeled as. I noticed that the images were images inspired by pop culture more so than just a general darkness vibe.

Also, cool that it came with a bonus card: Angel de la Nuit, however there's no description in the book! No clue what this card is even supposed to represent, or what it means, as again, it's just a picture of a woman. Card stock is not great. Very slippery. Wound up returning. I have no idea what the central conceit or theme the Tarot de la Nuit is supposed to be. It feels as if someone attempted to make a deck centered around an epic Halloween party thrown on a half-assed Disneyland knock off themepark.

This party is attended solely by white, Victoria's Secret Angel model rejects who didn't adequately plan for their costumes so they threw on their sexiest lingerie and went on a group shopping spree at Party City to compile "sexy" versions of various archetypes with a few of their fav movie references and called it a day.

OUTER REACHES Visionary #45: Alexandra Clark of Astro Carto

Just like every hot girl who ever lazily donned a pair of cat ears and a negligee to become a "sexy kitty" because a real Halloween costume doesn't show enough skin. Halloween isn't about being scary? It's about being hot and wearing a costume to get laid in rather than an actual costume.

Which is fine if you're 22 and at a college party. But as the concept for a tarot deck? Not so much. There is little correlation to the arcana being portrayed much less the suit. Characters and theming are almost arbitrarily assigned and we have references to Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Natalie Portman's Nina from Darren Aronofsky's dark masterpiece about obsession and mental illness, Black Swan, along side references to Cinderella and Pirates of the Carribean.

Because Swan Princess, silly! And that black feather tutu she and Mila Kunis both wore is freaking sickening AND sexy so, duh, of course its going in the deck. And pirates are totally fetch! This is not a fairy tale themed deck. Just a handful of cards are. It can show where love, career success, and community can be formed. Most importantly, I think it bolsters our own belief in ourselves, our individual paths, and why we feel intuitively pulled to the places we move and visit. To harness the power of your map, you do not need to travel or up and move your family. Start small by seeing if there are certain regions that call to you culturally.

Do you love the food? Does the music make you feel a certain way? How about the people in your life? Who are your closest contacts and where are they from? Are they teaching you something about the world or yourself? By taking a look at the small clues, you can get just as much value. Knowing this and implementing could change your experiences, relationships, and perspective without leaving home. How did you first become aware of this practice and what made you dive in? I first heard of locational astrology while I was in school for Chinese Medicine. From that point on I was hooked.

I had always known that I was drawn to visit certain places before big life events happened, but I never had the language or system to understand that pattern. What are the main lines that we can out for in our charts? Before a call I always ask my clients to give me some insight on what their current goals or intentions are, then we zero in on spots that are supportive for that.

This is also a place where we have a deep emotional connection to the land and community we meet there. Check out Sun, Mars, or Jupiter. Just as a horoscope is only a small part of astrology, giving a blanket statement on which lines are best can be limiting. While Saturn and Pluto are often seen as difficult planets to live near, many personalities thrive in these places.

Water is generally always prevalent in the cups cards so water elements whether in a place name or actual can show up here. Also emotional matters can be at stake. Going to a lake, travel, boats and anything to do with water or linked could come up here. Tarot being past present and future can reveal information in any order so please take note. Here we seem to have the sea, the ocean and fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, and all places near to water this can include around her home too or the town she lives in. I feel from this card that we are talking about someones home town at first.

Church links do come up here, so do places that are secluded. There are links to a lack of vitality here and water retention. Someone who is plump and fleshy.

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  7. There may be 'drugs' in these cards or drinking. Perhaps she was invited for a drink? There does seem to be a signal that one is easily influenced.

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    Something 'sweet' can come up even a sweet smell? A person description could come up also as straight and tall with brown, ruddy complexion, oval or long face, full and flesh with a high forehead; large grey eyes, hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; perhaps a beard if male a large, deep belly: strong thighs and legs, and long feet. There may be a problem with the feet. To me if there was invitation or some kind of proposal or offer it seems to me to be unexpected. The fish that comes up in this card can suggest the word 'Fisherman'.

    Its not always correct but it can show up so can a 'ring' or a 'ruby'. There may be connections to an M or W somewhere in the journey and a White Bridge. The church elements may be names of places or a spiritual connection. Tree names and the word Fair could show themselves. There are sometimes conflicts with the Tarot cards as to direction and South may also come up here but all directions can relate in some way or other. Horse names can come up as can stables fields, open land, hills and places up high.

    In houses it can also suggest upper rooms. Again we have a connection to someone who is tall and large,ruddy, dark or tanned. The hair light-chestnut in colour so I feel the characteristics do tend to be similar. This may describe another person and not Alexandria but I just have to leave it as it is. Generally fair people or people with fair hair can be included with Cups cards also and can signify university students with this particular card or students or young people.


    The emphasis is on travelling so would show someone on the move. The word Bell might show or 5 streams?

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    One needs to combine all this update and indepth information with what is already written and as you can see the next card is indeed South with the four of wands. Generally this card would signify our home and I did seem to have someones home town in the first card whether going towards or coming from. Water elements also can be seen with a bridge in this card as a white bridge sits near this building. Sometimes this is symbolic but I give what I get. This is also a work card so perhaps it doe show Alexandria going towards her work or home or being between. There are often two female figures linked to the four of wands.

    There is a number 4 here which also can show up in the first card. This four can be a BOSS or someone who attempts some kind of authority over us it can also links to father figures or someone who has an air of authority over us whether that means they are pushy in attitude or represents someone who can push their will on us if it is a person. This card is connecting East which was also seen in the first card. Here we have a description of someone who may have red in their hair or or they are red faced or get red in the face but are well tanned.

    Lean type of body, long neck, large bones, not overtall but strong limbs. There may be indications of thinness of hair or balding of hair.

    Again we are being shown Hills and Sandy and hilly ground, perhaps a link to newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Sometimes this is thought to be lonely places where criminals might hide out. The ceiling, plastering or covering of houses can be seen here, perhaps to link to construction because bricks can come up but also links to fire or sources of heat. Timing is not always accurate on all cases but I can only give what I have.

    Boats are shown in this card which can show a journey by water which it seems water has come up in every card here in one way or other. All the information on the six of swords should be taken into account that is already written. Though there is anxiety in finding Alexandria this card does seem to promise she will be found. It is thought of as safety and protection so to me that would be an assurance and affirmation that Alexandria would be found. Face long and possible prominent bone structure, hazel eyes sandy or fair coloured hair linked North West even though we have the East links. So the directions and those connected appear to be North West, South and East as main links.

    Church elements also show up in the mix in more then one card. Cutting sensations, arguments and standoffs and a link involving three people can come up with our last card. Bones teeth and skelatal structures also. Sprains and fractures of joints. Significant places or links whether by name or actual could be deep wells, quarries, mines and or land that has recently been dug.